Let Samuel L. Jackson Tell Your Kids To "Go the Fuck to Sleep"

When award-winning novelist and author Adam Mansbach was dealing with his daughter's countless sleepless nights, he took to writing down his feelings on the fairly-frustrating matter. What resulted was Go The Fuck To Sleep, a children's book parody of that gut-feeling that a lot of us feel as we read our children stories at bedtime. And now we have the audio book, read by Samuel L. Jackson. It is, in a word, perfect, and you can download the whole thing for free.

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[Boing Boing via ONTD]

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It's a great book, and the marketing is really interesting. The book began as a joke in his facebook status, and then became a real book, then it was available through google books to read, and the actual book isn't out until, what, October? Yet you know it is still going to be purchased and purchased and be the go-to book gift for fun parents (even over "Baby, make me a drink")

It's great to see a success story of social media and something available for free that will still do well in a purchase market.