Let Bella Hadid Show You How To Buy Dope Shoes

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Were you one of the tens of fans waiting with bated breath for Bella Hadid’s takes on Nikes and under what conditions it will be “quiet” if “homeboy comes through”? Well, the wait’s over.

Matching shoes is indeed dope!

I learned a lot from this video, like the fact that Nike, who Hadid has worked with in the recent past, just happens to be a lifelong obsession of Hadid’s. Internet users have taken turns roasting Hadid’s posture and jilted use of slang, and not entirely without cause.

Anyway, she’s right about at least one thing: Air Max 95s are cool as shit.

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The Hadid sisters are two rich kids who trying to behave how they think non-rich people do when they’re giving interviews.

I remember when Gigi was asked her favourite places to go and eat and her answer was Nobu in Malibu. Sure, it’s not necessarily prohibitively expensive for everyone, but it does have a particular clientele demographic. These girls both got brand new Range Rovers for their first car at 16 (something the Foster sisters, their ex-step sisters, pointed out to highlight that even they weren’t spoiled like that, in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine). They’re just as out-of-touch as the Kardashians.