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Let a Stranger Reply to Your Text Message, Why Not

Illustration for article titled Let a Stranger Reply to Your Text Message, Why Not

Would you let a total stranger respond to one of your text messages or nah? Think about it.


We acknowledge that the world is confusing. Sometimes you find yourself at a loss for words in this digital mess we call life. Sometimes you need help replying to a tough, existential text like, “How r u...” (ellipses and all) or “wyd.” Luckily, there’s a messaging app/site called Textie that crowdsources text replies for people who have little to no personality, perspective, insight, communication skills or time to worry about such things.

Here’s the tag line on Textie’s site:

Ever struggled to reply to a text message from that special someone? Found it hard to respond to sheer stupidity? Textie can help!


Once you upload your text to the site, charitable strangers can then offer suggestions on how to reply. Via Cosmo:

...the most popular reply gets bumped to the top of the list. If you’re really desperate to know how to reply to “how was your day” (which is seriously one of the questions someone needs help with on the Textie website), you can also pay 99 cents to get your question bumped to the top of the list.

My biggest concern is not for the people seeking help with texts, but for the people helping them out. Who has that much concern for the text health of strangers? I’m concerned for you.

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this was a random text I received and did a TERRIBLE job of being funny back. This was a gift horse and I looked it right in the mouth.