Leslie Jones Is Not Happy With Sephora

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Sephora has gone and pissed off Leslie Jones, which seems like a really bad idea. Jones posted a tweet about the way staff at the store’s Upper West Side location treated her makeup artist, Lola Okanlawon, and her best friend’s wife after a visit.


It’s not clear what happened, but Jones is mad. Following the tweet, she wrote on Instagram that:

I am tired of the fuckery yo!! If we spend money in your store we deserve customer service too. SO FUCK YOUR STORE @sephora you got to close your store to teach your employees sensitivity how about fire they ass and hire people who got sensitivity. Cause they exist!!! I’m tired of this shit!! What happen to customer service. Do we just not give a fuck anymore!! #NOMOSEPHORA

Jones published the tweet the day before Sephora was scheduled to conduct “inclusivity” training at more than 400 of its stores across the country. As Jones points out, maybe just hire people who don’t need special training to not be dicks? Just a thought?


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Every pair of Spanx I’ve ever owned has wound up being discarded in a Lady’s Room. Except for the one time that a stranger saw me tossing a slip and seeing that it was barely worn asked if she could have it. I convinced myself each time that this time will be the time that I don’t have a full scale claustrophobic panic attack wearing them. I never have a big enough purse to stuff them into, plus I think that if I toss them I won’t be tempted to wear them. Until the next time. It hasn’t happened a crazy amount of times (greater than 3, less than 10) but I suppose that more than one time is crazy?