Lots of big laughs and blood-curdling screams in this clip of Leslie Jones on Tuesday’s Live with Kelly and [Insert Michael Strahan Replacement Here]. The SNL and Ghostbusters star excitedly charmed her way through the majority of the interview, transferring her energy to Kelly Ripa and guest host Carrie Ann Inaba, as well as everyone else in the room and, also, me. “You are one of the great screamers of all time,” Kelly tells her, and it’s true.

Before they can talk, Jones has an adorable fan-out moment about Ripa’s stint on All My Children (Jones: “And then you came on here and I was like, Oh my god, Kelly’s so grown up now! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”), which is followed by conversation about Jones’ Naked and Afraid skit with Peter Dinklage and her four-page wish list for guys (“It’s stuff on there like, I want him to have nice teeth but not perfect teeth”).

Jones also talks about her 40-pound weight loss (“The first thing was for your doctor to tell you that you need to lose weight”), ghosts (“Oh, I’m afraid of ghosts”), and the designer dress controversy from the past week.

“I’m not trying to say that in a conceited way, or ‘I’m a star,’ but it’s a big movie and, real talk, I want to look nice,” says Jones. “And I don’t want to pay $10,000 for a dress that I’m gonna wear one time...If I pay $10,000 for a dress, y’all gon’ see me in it everyday.” There’s also a failed censorship moment at the end when she says “fucking.” “That got bleeped, I know it,” Kelly thinks.