Hey, fashionable straight women! Now's your chance to be on the cutting edge of fashion...by sorta kinda maybe having naughty lesbian sex tee-hee!

But make sure it doesn't last too long or it might turn you gay LOLOLOLOL!

And then you'd miss the whole "point" of (almost) hooking up with another woman: scoring a new dress (and a car)!!!


According to the Italian agency responsible for this gem:

"We wanted to create an advert that was original, enjoyable and at the same time not vulgar."


In other words, "We wanted to show that lesbians are just like straight girls —in that they only care about cars and clothes and not about sex because, well, that's just vulgar!"

The above ad was actually an "homage" to this strikingly similar 2006 advertisement —also for dresses, but with less car theft:

See? It works on two levels. "Take the opportunity to kiss a girl when you have the chance...and then decide it was icky and leave with her dress (and maybe even her car!!!) ROFLROFLROFL!"