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Lesbian-Family Movie Pushes For Relatability

Lisa Cholodenko's new movie, The Kids Are All Right, stars Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as lesbian parents whose children seek their sperm donor. And they have to convince America that's "relatable"!


We've already expressed our excitement about this movie, which will be released on July 9. This featurette just amplifies that, though it's hard not to notice that everyone seems to have been given talking points to try to make the allegedly-scary-to-Middle-America gays as unscary as possible.


"This movie's very much about marriage and family," says Moore. "It's about how all families are faced with the same sorts of challenges." says Cholodenko. And then Moore again: "One of the things that's great about this movie is that it's something that's very kind of relatable...It's really about what a family is."

They may as well have just shouted through the streets proclaiming that gay people are just like us. Which is totally fine. If it's as good as it looks, whatever it takes to get people to the theater.

The Kids Are All Right Featurette [Women And Hollywood]

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Going to watch this one with the wife, our two cats and our son constantly poking his head in to ask a bazillion questions about the universe.

Shit, wait. I mean.

We'll watch this while having a hot threesome with our neighbour against a laser portrait background while eating vegan cheesesticks and soydogs. With our two cats. While listening to Melissa Etheridge's new album. While our son reenacts a Nerf-battle of Waterloo.

We multitask in our house.