Lesbian Couple "Makes History" Again By Breaking Up

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Hillary and Julie Goodridge, a lesbian couple who became gay icons in their fight for same-sex marriage, are divorcing.

Julie and Hillary first made headlines when they became one of the seven same-sex couples who filed a lawsuit, Goodridge v. the Massachusetts Dept. of Health, that ultimately led to Massachusetts' 2004 legalization of gay marriage. The two women became the public face of the landmark case and were one of the first to marry on the day same-sex marriages became legal.

The couple announced they were separating in 2006. The divorce case, filed last week in Suffolk Probate and Family Court, is characterized as "not unexpected." While they'll be one of the first same-sex marriages to take the divorce route, why all the press? Couples divorce all the time. After all, these women wanted to marry because they were like any other couple; they are divorcing for the same reason. Because a right has been hard-won does not confer a Responsibility to be Role Models forever. On the contrary, it should ultimately bring some sense of normalcy. And in a sense, perhaps in taking this most ordinary of sad steps, they're doing as much for their cause as ever. We wish both women and their daughter the best of good things.


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Phillipa Marlowe

While it doesn't affect me in the least if they get divorced and I wish them the best of this difficult situation, I gotta wonder how a marriage they fought so hard to be able to have lasted 2 years? Clearly straight and gay people may be too quick to get married if divorce rates are so high. I am totally supportive of gay marriage rights, but how about people not get married ALL THE TIME without seriously considering what a marriage is?

In addition, I should mention that I am prepared to be single forever if I don't find someone I am seriously ready to marry.