Lesbian Couple Crowned Homecoming King and Queen

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On Friday Rebeca Arellano, a lesbian student at San Diego's Patrick Henry High, was chosen as homecoming king during a pep rally. She's the first girl to hold the title in school history, but it gets better! Last night at the dance, Rebecca's girlfriend, Haileigh Adams, was crowned homecoming queen, making them the first lesbian couple to be king and queen.

The girls, who've been together since sophomore year, are thrilled—not just for themselves but for what it does for other students. For the most part, their classmates have been very supportive, with only a few haters chiming in. Rebeca and Haileigh, however, aren't letting that get them down. They're incredibly proud of what this means. As Haileigh said, "The fact that other people are feeling more confident about themselves or feeling like they might have a chance at doing this, it's opening doors."

Lesbian Couple Crowned Homecoming King and Queen
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High School Students Crowned America's First Lesbian Homecoming Couple [ABC News]

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