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Les Moonves Steps Down From Commission That Aims to End Workplace Harassment

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Hey…good idea.

Les Moonves, the embattled CBS CEO who was accused in a New Yorker exposé last week of sexually harassing six women, has reportedly exited the Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality, which is led by Anita Hill.


Deadline reports that the news came in a letter from Professor Hill to Commissioners and Delegates on Wednesday, which reads in part:

“Mr. Moonves has decided to recuse himself from his position as one of our Commissioners. The Council will work with CBS to name a new Commissioner from the Company.

As we have discussed, the Commission is not a disciplinary or monitoring organization—our mandate is to create institutional change by collaborating with you as key leaders and decision makers of this industry to affect wide-scale changes through actively defining and implementing best policies and practices.”


Earlier on Wednesday, Moonves was suspended from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts’ Board fo Councilors. In response to the allegations laid out in the New Yorker’s report, Moonves conceded he “may have made some women uncomfortable” but denied anything more.

You can read the full letter in Deadline’s report.

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I dunno, is “It takes one to know one” applicable here?