It’s not as if women are all just learning now that patriarchal beauty standards prize our youth above everything and try to write women above 30 out of existence. This is a world in which a 35-year-old woman was cast to play 26-year-old Tom Holland’s mother earlier this year, and hordes of online perverts started a countdown to Millie Bobby Brown’s 18th birthday—a long-standing tradition that child starlets have always faced. But the widespread, very much united clowning to which DiCaprio has been subjected by Twitter certainly brings some comfort: Too many men are still overly defensive about their supposed human right to date barely legal women—but at least some others and most of the internet finally seem ready to joke about how lame it is. If nothing else, I’ll take comfort in both this and Zang’s sage advice that one is “barely scratching the surface of life at 25.”