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In a pointed callback to his early work, Leonardo DiCaprio helped rescue a man who had drunkenly toppled from his yacht near St. Bart’s. If he didn’t say “I’ll never let go, Jack,” as he pulled the man from the cerulean waters, he should go to prison. Bonus points if he dropped him back in after. 


According to People, DiCaprio was out on a rented boat with friends and his baby girlfriend on December 30 when they heard about the man, and diverted their course to look for him.

“Leo and his friends and their boat captain decided to join the search and their efforts resulted in helping save a man’s life,” a source tells PEOPLE exclusively. The man had been treading water for 11 hours.

The insider adds, “The boat crew were happy to try and assist — even more so that they were able to help get the man to safety.”


Eleven hours!? And what do you know, DiCaprio’s boat was the one that finally found him, just before it got dark and started raining. After his heroic rescue, he made it back to LA to start preparing for the Golden Globes, where he didn’t win anything. Sad, but I’m sure he’ll be the “Best Supporting Actor” in the rescued man’s heart, at least this year.

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