Leonardo DiCaprio Is Either Lying or Not Lying About Why He Abruptly Canceled a Clinton Fundraiser

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Founding Pussy Posse member Leonardo DiCaprio was set to host a $33,400-a-head fundraiser for Hillary Clinton this week at his home, until he canceled it citing scheduling issues—right around the same time he and his foundation were publicly linked to a multibillion dollar embezzlement case in Malaysia.


The event, co-hosted by Tobey and Jennifer Maguire, Jennifer Aniston, Yael and Scooter Braun, Shonda Rhimes and Chris Silbermann, was scheduled for Tuesday night. According to Page Six, it will now be held at the home of Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the growing embezzlement scandal revolves around several key players in a sovereign wealth fund, including at least one foreign Pussy Posse correspondent, a man named Jho Low. Authorities say he allegedly siphoned billions to fund a lavish lifestyle, that included tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate, a Cristal-fueled celebration for Lindsay Lohan’s birthday, and tables at bacchanal-esque “charity” events hosted by DiCaprio’s eponymous fund.

The Justice Department says Low also used hundreds of millions of dollars of stolen money to fund movies like the Wolf of Wall Street through his production company, Red Granite, which shares an office building with DiCaprio’s production company. DiCaprio himself is referenced in the report as “Hollywood Actor 1,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. And it’s impossible to say much money DiCaprio ultimately got from Low, because his foundation is registered as a donor-advised fund, which is not required by law to disclose revenue sources.

So it could be a big scandal for DiCaprio, or not, but it’d make sense for the Clinton campaign to distance itself from him, especially given that the Clinton Foundation recently affirmed its aversion to foreign money in light of Hillary’s candidacy.

Or he just had scheduling issues.

“Leo is stuck in New York until Wednesday to finish his current project in time for it to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival,” a source tells Page Six. “Not wanting to leave Hillary hanging, Leo called his friends Justin and Jessica and asked if they would host.”


Hmm. Didn’t know they were buds.

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