​Lena Dunham's Stint on SNL Was a Feminist Extravaganza

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Last night, Lena Dunham took to the stage over at 30 Rock as the host of Saturday Night Live on International Women's Day, and she did not hold back. The episode had some standard Dunham nudity, enough of her saying "I just feel like" to last a lifetime of therapy, and even a planned parenthood shoutout! In her opening monologue, she discussed how everyone seems to approach her to talk about their sex lives…including her grandmother.


SNL took a page out of the Bible/Biblical movie trend we're going through, with Girl, the Lena Dunham take on the story of Adam and Eve, featuring Adam (Driver), relationship-defining, and of course, apple-shaming.


Also, Jon fucking Hamm casually showed up on the teen girl talk show about "flirting your way right into a boy's heart—and mouth," awesomely titled What Are you Even Doing? You're Being Crazy.

The cast also did a pretty brilliant rendition of Scandal, highlighting just how much reality viewers must suspend in order to make in through an episode of that show. Also, the Liv/Fitz moment is absolutely spot on.


Other sketches included an awkward moment with a men's rights activist at a ladies jewelry party and Katt Williams talk show in which Lena Dunham played Liza Minelli and Noël Wells played Lena Dunham.

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Global Beet

Lena Dunham, Lena Dunham. I think that MRA sketch with the woman who I'm assuming was latina (ugh), encapsulates just how awful Lena Dunham actually is.

Dunham defenders believe people criticize her because of jealousy, and willingly gloss over the fact that this writer has serious issues when it comes to race. That sketch of the enlightened white woman schooling the not too bright stereotypically sassy latina woman on "feminism"TM just perfectly shows how and why Lena Dunham will never appeal to anyone beyond those who think hipster racism is hilarious. The fact that so many people enjoy her work, the fact that so many are not repulsed by her brand of comedy predicated on racial cluelessness, the fact that so many people are willing to overlook these things because of her sole redeeming quality (body positivity) it speaks volumes. It just speaks volumes.