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Lena Dunham Will Reportedly Be on the Cover of Next Month's Vogue

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Page Six is reporting that the February issue of Vogue will be devoted to Girls, with Lena Dunham (duh) covering. This rumor has been circulating around since October, but it seems more likely than ever now — mostly because Anna Wintour attended the show's premiere in an insane Prada coat, with which she kinda brushed Dunham's arm, thus marking her as chosen.


Here is further evidence: Allison Williams' alternatively beaming and sultry countenance is on every magazine cover ever, whereas Dunham has been kind of low-profile. This could mean that she's lying in wait, ready to spring the Vogue on us. In addition, a representative for the glossy told The Daily Mail that they can neither confirm nor deny Lena's cover (oOOOOooh!!!), but added, "Anna does love these Girls." And high fashion has seemingly already infiltrated the show: last summer, Dunham was photographed on set wearing a McQ by Alexander McQueen dress that retails for $1,165. When we last left her character, she was a barista in Greenpoint. Baristas do not normally wear thousand dollar dresses, but that's gentrification, I guess.


In the words of famed philosopher Enya, only time will tell if the rumors are true — the issue hits newsstands on January 22. In the meantime, feel free to speculate feverishly about how the editors will handle having a non-stick-thin woman on the cover: will they Photoshop, crop, or shroud in fabric? Or will they — gasp — show her body as it is?

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My dream of Vogue going back to putting models on the cover draped in ridiculous clothes will seemingly never come true. Whatever they do to Lena Dunham on the cover the Middleton-esque around the eye liner should be avoided. What she's got going above? Gah.