Lena Dunham and Lil Jon Want You to 'Turn Out For What'

In perhaps the loudest pro-voting ad in recent memory, Lil Jon, Lena Dunham, Ireland Baldwin, Natasha Lyonne, Darren Criss, and a slew of other celebrities explain what issues compel them to vote over the dulcet tones of "Turn Out For What." There is also pantsless dancing.


The spot is brought to you by Rock the Vote, an organization that never wants young Americans to forget that despite the fact that our elected officials have never done a worse job of doing less, it's still important that we show up at the polls. If it helps, imagine your vote canceling out your asshole neighbor's. And if that doesn't help, imagine Obama trying to appoint a replacement for, say, Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a Republican Senate in the way.

Please fucking vote.

Midterm elections are November 4th, and if you haven't already (tsk), you can figure out how to register here.



I am so old I do not have any idea who many of those people introducing themselves are but I still love this. I am unsure if, like Lena, I will vote with my trainer, or in my underwear (pjs?), but I'm all over November 4.