'Legitimate Rape' Outrage Changed Nothing

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It's been nearly a year since Todd Akin hit a chord with his "legitimate rape" comments that changed the way Americans think about sexual assault and reproductive justice forever. Just kidding about that last part!


According to a new report from the National Women’s Law Center, ‘Shut That Whole Thing Down:’ A Survey of Abortion Restrictions Even in Cases of Rape":

From January to June 2013:

· 86% of the 273 abortion restrictions introduced in state legislatures apply to rape survivors.

· 71% of the 38 abortion restrictions enacted by the states apply to rape survivors.

· 72% of the 25 abortion restrictions introduced in Congress apply to rape survivors.


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These guys wouldn't be voicing these opinions (I'm sorry, "medical facts") if they didn't have some kind of proof it would play in Peoria. It's heads-I-win, tales-you-lose, because the more we complain (Hi, Texas!) the more the republicans will blame opposition on shrill feminazis. The only way to fix this is to vote them out of office as quickly and decisively as possible.