Lean In's Businesslady Stock Image Collection Is a Success

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A few months after their feminist-y collection of stock photos organized in tandem with the Lean In Foundation launched, Getty says that the photos are selling well.

At The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute's New York Ideas Conference, at least one new idea proved fruitful. Pam Grossman, who's heading up the Lean In Collection, said in a panel discussion called "Changing the Stock Image of Women" that sales of images in the collection that were not new to Getty have risen 31 percent from last year, indicating that people are specifically going into that grouping of photos for images.


"We have a lot of content in there of business meetings, and it seems a little bit obvious, but the images where the woman is the one in the leadership position, the one at the head of the table, the one speaking, and the men look a little more collaborative or ancillary, those are performing really well," Grossman said, reported BuzzFeed. Right on.

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Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

OK, all snarking aside, I kinda love this photo collection. Its diverse, and also includes men as fathers and teachers, and girls kicking ass in the classroom, so its not just all "powerful business ladies."

My fav so far is a mom in a hotel room with her laptop open and cell phone next to her and her smiling daughter in her lap. Yay working mom image that doesn't show someone looking suicidal!!