Lea Michele Has Found Love Again With Zandy

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Lea Michele has a new boyfriend, and his name is Zandy Reich. While you may think I’ve known about this for some time—as being aware of such things is sort of my job—I only found out about their romance Monday afternoon, when this story was published by People.

“Lea Michele Declares Love for Boyfriend Zandy Reich Ahead of Her 31st Birthday,” the headline squealed, foolishly assuming its readers would have any idea of who Zandy Reich is. They don’t even include a photo of the man’s face! Just this Instagram posted by Michele on her birthday, which was Sunday or Monday or something, who cares:


“Back in July,” they gloat, “People exclusively confirmed that Michele and Reich, the president of clothing company AYR, had started seeing each other.” Again, this is not helpful. I wanted a photo of Zandy to share with Jezebel readers! One that would give them some idea of what his and Michele’s hypothetical children will look like. Or, if they don’t have kids, what their eventual People cover will look like.

Unfortunately, no photo service Gizmodo Media Group subscribes to has any images of Zandy Reich, so I cannot share his stunning visage with you. Getty was no help, nor was the Associated Press’s image wire. I even checked Shutterstock—a service meant for generic stock photography and illustrations—to see if he’d ever modeled as “White Man Standing,” “White Man Holding Phone,” or “White Man Pointing Angrily,” but nope! Nothing.

The only service that even contained a mention of his name was Backgrid, which is known for more candid, paparazzi-style shots.

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The set of 25 quickly shot photos chronicled the 10-15 seconds it took Lea Michele to walk from a smoothie shop to the driver’s seat of her black SUV.

Images via Backgrid.

But unfortunately, the set didn’t end with a glimpse of our boy Zandy in the passenger seat. He’s just referenced in the caption, which reads:

Actress Lea Michele stops by Kreation in Brentwood, California to grab a protein smoothie to go. Missing from the outing was Lea’s new boyfriend, Zandy Reich, who is the president of the clothing company AYR.


What a shame. I hope this relationship doesn’t end before one of these services we subscribe to nabs a photo of our beloved Lea and Zandy facing the camera together. Until then, you’ll just have to Google him.


This is how I hope the dissolution of my friendship with Anderson Cooper is covered:


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