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Twelve years after their last release, Le Tigre has returned to the studio to record one new song. This is exciting! But fans, take heed: this single song is all we get. Think of it as a much-delayed parting gift.

Riot grrl goddess Kathleen Hanna announced her brief reunion with bandmates Johanna Fateman and JD Samson during a Facebook Live conversation with Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves.


“Le Tigre just got back together in the studio, you have the scoop, for a special song that we are going to release hopefully, like, early- to mid-October,” the band’s frontwoman said. “I will not say what it’s about, but it’s been really fun working with them again.”

If you’ve been wishing and praying for a reunion tour or a new album, well — neither seem to be in the works. But we still have cause for celebration! And do you know, I have the perfect song for that (“Deceptacon,” duh):


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