You'd expect Nylon's 10th anniversary (at NYC's Thompson LES) to bring the chic, bring the big names, and bring the bizarre - and it delivered on all counts.

The Good:

It's the little things - like Ciara's structured petal skirt and the length of the pendant - that make this look so awesome.

Classic basics - and an artfully-draped scarf - are Euro-cool on Alexandra Richards.


Do not try this at home! It takes serious attitude like Sophia Lamar's to rock such an iconoclastic frock and balance it with such assertive jewelry.


Lil Mama is cool as a cuke.

I wish we could see Amber Tamblyn's feet, but I'm assuming they're looking as cute and effortless as the rest of her. There's not much a good scarf can't do.

The Bad:


When she wore something like this on Halloween, at least Lydia Hearst was dressed as Poison Ivy or Absinthe or something. Even if she is an "award-winning" model and can wear this - why?


As Christian Siriano might say himself, "I'm over it." It being Sprouse-Vuitton-elf.

Eva Amurri's stunning, and I like that she seems to try things sans stylist, but there's a bit much going on here.

What Say You?


When it comes to Adrienne Bailon's ribbon special: gift or return?

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