Lawsuit Claims Manager at NY Housewives Hotspot Broke Customer's Nose, Called Her a 'Cunt'

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An actress is suing Beautique, a midtown restaurant/nightclub frequented by cast members of the Real Housewives of New York (and, on one very seedy occasion, yours truly), after a drunk manager allegedly tried to take her cab and then knocked her unconscious.


Gothamist reports that La Rivers, whose credits include Spiderman 3 and Sex and the City, visited Beautique in June 2015 with her dad and some friends to celebrate her appearance in a short film premiering at the Manhattan Film Festival. At a press conference on Wednesday, Rivers’s attorney Gloria Allred—who has represented several of Bill Cosby’s accusers along with many other high-profile cases—said that then-manager Edward Moffett attempted to take Rivers’s cab and became extremely violent when she objected.

From Gothamist:

Moffett flew into a “misogynistic rage,” in Allred’s words, allegedly calling Rivers a “cunt” and a “bitch” before attacking her “with such force that she fell immediately to the ground and was knocked unconscious.” According to the criminal complaint against Moffett, he then punched her in the face. When Rivers awoke, she had blood streaming out of her nose, a black eye in formation, and a huge contusion on her forehead. The nice outfit that she’d worn out was drenched in blood.

A disturbing photo provided to Page Six by Rivers echoes this claim:


Page Six reports that Rivers suffered a concussion and four broken bones in her nose that required surgery, injuries that she says negatively impacted her ability to get work as an actress.

Rivers is suing both Moffett and Beautique, for negligently hiring a manager who has pled guilty in the past to charges of assault and aggravated harassment. Damages are unspecified. Moffett is also facing criminal charges for misdemeanor assault and harassment, and according to Gothamist, is no longer employed by Beautique.


“I haven’t slept one full night since last June,” Rivers said during the press conference. “The feeling of danger possibly being nearby hasn’t ever left my mind.”

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Wow, that picture is incredible. That is simply a savage beating. I was going to make a dumb Real Housewives joke, but that’s just too horrifying. Dude needs to go to jail.