Law & Order: SVU Campaigns To Eliminate Rape Kit Backlog

Illustration for article titled emLaw  Order: SVU/em Campaigns To Eliminate Rape Kit Backlog

In a Huffington Post editorial Law & Order: SVU, executive producer Neal Baer and Mariska Hargitay announced that on Wednesday SVU will air an episode about the untested rape kit backlog in conjunction with the launch of the website

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A Small Turnip

I've been hearing such impressive things about SVU recently. I've never watched a single episode (forgive me, I live in the UK!), but this really seals the deal. They seem to really focus on practical, progressive ideas, and give their female characters meaningful roles, and goddamn, I appreciate those things so much.

Where should an SVU newbie start? At the beginning of the series? Or is there a better, more recent point that'd be great to jump in?