Law and Order: SVU Is Doing an Episode Based on The Bachelor

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In a new promo for Law and Order: SVU a fictional dating competition television show becomes the center of an investigation in an episode titled “Assaulting Reality.”

After their Terry Richardson inspired episode this week, SVU is continuing to stay almost au courant by imagining a rape case taking place in the confusing sexual politics of a show like The Bachelor, with the imaginary Heart’s Desire as a stand in.

The night camera footage from the Fantasy Suite, or whatever it’s called in this alternate universe, reveals to a contestant during a reunion episode that she was sexually assaulted. That’s when Olivia Benson and Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola get called in to sift the reality from the fantasy. Meanwhile:


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what does the fonz say

I’m regretfully addicted to SVU, so I can’t wait for this.

Also, last night I discovered the brilliant Bachelor parody Burning Love, which features so many of my faves (Ken Marino, Janet Varney, Adam Scott, Michael Ian Black, Kristen Bell, et al.) that I can’t believe it took me four years to learn of its existence. I’ve gotten through two seasons already. Watch it! (If you haven’t yet.) It’s on Hulu.