Laverne Cox and Janet Mock Star in Candy's All Trans Woman Cover

Illustration for article titled Laverne Cox and Janet Mock Star in iCandys/i All Trans Woman Cover

Here's the cover for Candy (or C☆NDY)'s fifth anniversary special issue, titled "The Role Models," starring Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Carmen Carrera, and Geena Rocero—"the glamorous women who lead the trans revolution."

Photographed by Mariano Vivanco, the full spread also features Isis King, Gisele Alicea, Leyna Ramous, Dina Delicious, Nina Poon, Juliana Huxtable, Niki M'nray, Pêche Di, Yasmine Petty, and legendary ballroom icon Carmen Xtravaganza.


Image via Candy.

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Carmen isn't really a role model (seriously, all that body shaming and pro-Ana shit is lame.) She's nice to look at but I don't care for rewarding people for simply being attractive.

But Janet and Laverne are inspiring and intelligent, these ladies are all that and a bag of chips. And not Utz chips, they are those expensive organic pita chips that cost a lot of money.