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Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman Are Working on an Adaptation of The Royal We

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The Royal We—a playful, fictionalized riff on the real-life romance of Will and Kate, written by Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks of GoFugYourself—is currently in the works to become a movie.


The Hollywood Reporter reports that Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman of Parenthood plan to produce, with Graham writing the script and Whitman potentially starring. CBS Films has snapped up the project. People spoke to Cocks and Morgan about the news; they explained that while Will and Kate were the inspiration, their American heroine and her British prince don’t map one-to-one (redheaded younger brother notwithstanding):

“It truly isn’t Wills and Kate,” Cocks told PEOPLE. “Yes, it was an idea borne of watching their seemingly courtship in the media, but through Bex’s eyes we had the freedom we needed to imagine all the potential behind-the-scenes emotions and conflicts of that love story.”


Not to mention an opportunity for an entire generation of American women to relive their youthful fascination with a real, live, reasonably attractive crown prince.

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Okay, it is 1000% Will and Kate. “Nick” and “Rebecca” meet in college, Rebecca has a twin sister that tries to parlay her royal connections into jobs and gets into trouble with the law and the press, Nick has a puckish ginger younger brother who’s in the military and dates a series of upper class girls. The Queen is “Eleanor”, who forced Nick’s father “Richard” into marrying “Emma”, a young, naive noblewoman who eventually cracks up from the stress of living in a bubble. Nick and Rebecca date, break up, then reunite and get engaged. Rebecca wears a green (as opposed to blue) v-neck dress to their official engagement interview that matches the enormous emerald (not sapphire) engagement ring that Nick gives her. Of course, the ring belonged to his mother. IT’S WILL AND KATE FANFICTION.