Laura Prepon's Name Is Intentionally Mispronounced in the Title of Her Kitchen Line

Here is a fun fact that I never would have known without The Drew Barrymore Show’s service: Laura Prepon (pronounced “pree-pon”) has named her kitchen line after a common mispronunciation of her last name. As she explained to Barrymore: “It’s Prep-On Kitchen because I feel like if you prep your food in advance it’s a lot easier to get homemade meals on the table. And also for years, people have always called me Laura Prep-on. So it’s kind of like this beautiful mix of it helping you prep quickly and also people messing up my name.” Barrymore, unsurprisingly, loved that. Beautiful!


Elsewhere, Barrymore ate Fruit by the Foot without using her hands (or feet), wrote “grace” on her hand to remind her to extend some to herself, dubbed a certain multi-hyphenate entertainer responsible for some of the most cringey selfies we’ve ever looked at “the Shakespeare of our times,” and got tattooed on air. All that and more in this week’s montage.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



#TIL.  Put me in the vast list of people who have always mispronounced her name.