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​Laura Prepon Back Full-Time for Orange Is The New Black Season 3

Illustration for article titled ​Laura Prepon Back Full-Time for emOrange Is The New Black/em Season 3

Amidst the crazy rumors of her budding romance with Tom Cruise, which I guess are not true, Laura Prepon has decided that she is going to rejoin the cast full time for the third season of Orange is the New Black, that is, if there is a third season. Also, SPOILER ALERT: Her character Alex Vause apparently doesn't die in the second season which starts June 6. Way to go, Prepon.


According to Buzzfeed:

"After the show became Netflix's biggest hit, and the tidal wave of viewer sorrow nearly drowned Prepon, Netflix, and the show's creator, Jenji Kohan, the plan was rejiggered for Prepon to return for four Season 2 episodes (instead of a mere one), and to leave things open for heavier involvement in the presumed third season."


No lies, I will take Alex over Piper any day, so this is great news!

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But who will have Tom Cruise's alien child?!?