Laura Jane Grace Debuts True Trans Reality Series

Laura Jane Grace, the leader of the punk band Against Me! who came out as trans in a Rolling Stone profile, has a new AOL series called True Trans, about her life growing up with gender dysphoria and her relatively recent transition.

Like Laverne Cox's forthcoming MTV doc The T Word, Grace speaks to other trans people about their experiences—some of them famous, like Buck Angel—but Grace's show seems to be more of a diary of her personal journey, as well. She told Elle, "In a lot of ways I'm still processing the experience. It was, without exaggeration, an experience that—even if no one ever saw the footage—to have lived it and had the conversations and heard what people had to say, meant so much to me."


It's amazing to see trans visibility becoming more and more mainstream, even if incrementally—the more the better, even if a lot of that work right now tends to put the onus on folks like Cox and Grace and Janet Mock to be activists, whether they want to be or not. And yet, what a thing to speak out and have people listen to you. As Grace told The Daily Beast, "I'm kind of a fuck-up. I don't want to be a fucking role model. I'm guaranteed to fall on my face a couple more times before I die. But I do recognize that I have a platform so that I can talk about this. It's something real to me."

All four episodes of True Trans are watchable now at AOL Originals.

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