When Laura Bush started talking about her "romance with George" on Oprah today, we expected nausea to set in. But Mrs. Bush actually showed a little spark of feminism.

In the clip above, she notes that while "Bushie" was considered an "eligible bachelor" when they got together, she was "the old maid of Midland" — though they were both 31! While Bush showed some spunk in her mockery of Midland mores, the rest of the show was pretty much what you might expect. Oprah served up a lovefest of softball questions for Laura and the twins (Jenna loves reading!), followed by a video tour of the Bushes' Crawford ranch, where Laura and her husband pass the time by putting together rented puzzles. Maybe if Laura's book sells, they can actually buy some.


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I like Laura. She seems like a genuinely nice person. And I don't hate her husband either. He was a terrible president and I think he was blatantly dishonest about some things, but I feel in many ways he was a figurehead. I have read a few books on the subject, and Dick Cheney basically acted as a Co-President and Bush tended to defer to Cheney about most things. I wonder if Bush himself may have been lied to by members of his administration. Bush also took more vacation days than any other President. So he didn't set out to ruin the country; he set out to be famous and liked while doing as little as possible. His entire life has been getting by doing as little as possible. I think he got the idea he could get away with that when he got into Yale over thousands of more intelligent and hard-working kids who didn't come from blue blooded families. I think people like Cheney are much more dangerous and harmful to the country.