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Laura Bush Isn't Convinced That the White House, An Obviously Haunted Place, Is Haunted

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: The Kelly Clarkson Show

The rehabilitation of President Bush continues, this time, courtesy of his wife, Laura Bush, and pop star turned talk show host, Kelly Clarkson. On Monday, the former First Lady spoke with Clarkson about her teaching days, summer book recommendations for kids, and who gets stuck doing the dishes more often between her and George (take a wild guess). But there was one moment during the interview that was truly baffling: Bush’s confident dismissal of her twin daughters claims that the White House is haunted.

“I think Barbara and Jenna were the ones that felt like it was haunted and pretended like they heard voices,” Bush said. “It [was] probably just the secret service talking down the hall in another room that they heard.”

“But we didn’t think it was haunted,” she continued, referring to herself and the former president. “We loved living there, it’s a magnificent house. And it has a magnificent art collection, which was also fun to have the chance to live with those beautiful paintings.”


Maybe that was a subtle plug for her husband’s own “beautiful paintings,” but let’s get back to the real meat of the issue: This woman, who lived in the White House for eight years, doesn’t believe the place is haunted? I’m team Bush daughters here.

From The Hill:

Jenna Bush Hager has said for years that she and her sister witnessed paranormal phenomena at the White House. In 2018, she told Hoda Kotb on “Today” that they heard “1920s piano music” and opera coming out of a fireplace late at night.

“It was the middle of the night, and you could feel the music out of the fireplace,” she said at the time. “We tried to talk ourselves out of it, too.”

Jenna Bush Hager on Tuesday also pushed back on her mom’s disbelief, saying on “Today” that “I really did hear it, and we can call my sister on speaker phone if people disagree.”

Bush Hager also said that she spoke to a longtime White House staffer, Buddy, about the weird noises. He told her “you wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen in these walls.” Either he saw the Reagans fucking or he’s talking about ghosts.

“Buddy is on my team, my sister is on my team,” Jenna said. “I love my mom, [but] the ghosts just might not’ve been into her.”


Jenna and her sister Barbara were notorious party girls back in the day, but I don’t think they were drunkenly making shit up after a night of jello shots at a shitty DC bar. For well over a century, visitors and residents alike have claimed to bear witness to spooky shit in the White House. Besides, if there’s any place that is guaranteed to be haunted, it’s the house that was built by slaves. Time to open up that third eye, Laura.