Late Night Television Needs More Tipsy Celebs

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On Thursday night, Late Night with Seth Meyers aired an especially good segment of his “Day Drinking” series in which he throws back cocktails with celebrities. This time he did so with maybe the only famous person who knows how to have a good time: Rihanna.


If you’re skeptical as to whether these two are actually drinking real alcohol, there is absolutely no mistaking that these are real drinks by the end of the episode, which finds Meyers slurring, getting his makeup done by Rihanna, and singing “Work” to her while she gleefully films on her cell phone (an unfortunate moment in the video, I assure you.) Here’s what Rihanna does while she’s tipsy:

  • Stops drinking a disgusting drink Meyers hands her consisting of a Twinkie in Champagne to just chug Champagne straight from the bottle
  • Meyers asks her for advice on how he can “blow his wife away” on a date, to which Rihanna replies, “You just said it... blow your wife.”
  • Admits she wanted, at one point in her life, to become a pilot after realizing her grades sucked
  • Can’t come up with a good nickname for Seth because she “doesn’t know him like that” and when he demands she say the first nickname to pop in her head on the count of three, she just meekly whispers “...Seth?”

It’s funny because Rihanna is funny, but also because she’s drinking. More celebrities should be drinking on late night television! There’s a reason that the Golden Globes is the best awards show and it’s because there’s an open bar. And how exactly does Andy Cohen get guests on Watch What Happens Live to answer questions and say crazy things (like Shania Twain admitting she peed herself on stage???) that they might never say elsewhere? Well, because he’s good at his job, but also the fact that drinking is a key part of the show.

If you invite celebs to your show, for the love of god just pour them some tequila.



This is his best segment. It’s better than Corden’s overrated Carpool Karaoke.

My favorite Day Drinking was with Ina Garten. His show in general has a really good and eclectic list of guests.