Last Week Tonight Notices That Abortion Laws In The United States Are Extremely Fucked Up and Bad

Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight focused on abortion laws in the United States, namely the fact that—get this—some of them are not actually designed with women’s health and safety in mind.

Most of the episode focused on TRAP laws, the bullshit regulations that target abortion clinics for the purpose of closing them down, with a side foray into the fact that a huge abortion access case will be heard by the Supreme Court March 2, and a quick nod to the concept that all these fun new laws designed to protect women are causing tens of thousands of them to attempt to abort at home.


“Abortion is theoretically legal,” the episode preview notes. “But some states make it practically inaccessible.” You don’t say.

Thanks, John Oliver, for glancing at the clock all of us have been living beneath and realizing what time it is.


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