Last Night's Mindy Project Was All About Buttsex

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Tuesday night's edition of The Mindy Project, charmingly titled "I Slipped," tackled the topic of when guys accidentally slide into Fifth Base, aka the unexpected anal slip-in during sex.


The episode — daring under primetime standards — opens with Dr. Mindy Lahiri praising the romantic efforts of her boyfriend Danny Castellano. And speaking of romance, Danny has a surprise!

Cue Mindy's coital yelp: "Wait, Danny, Danny, that doesn't go there!"

Danny's defense: "I slipped."

Because Fox can't go full Samantha Jones and have Mindy say, "He tried to put it in my butt," Mindy hovers around the subject, only dropping context clues. While Danny claims it was unintentional, Mindy seeks the testicular counsel of Peter (Adam Pally), who notes: "No man in the history of time has ever been in bed and, quote-unquote, 'slipped' and not been lying."


Mindy's amusing anal inquiries subsist for the entire episode. It's completely fine for fictional Mindy to dislike it as a personal preference, but doesn't she know there's a booty revolution afoot?

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Peter is always amazing and is definitely my favorite character on the show, but he was KILLING IT last night. Between his explanation on how he knew Danny was lying, the skeleton demos, and his eyebrow bandaids, I have a new major major crush.