Last Night's Episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Was All About Pee

During Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian addressed her ongoing health issues following the placenta accreta she suffered from after the birth of North, and her desire to have more children. This resulted in several lengthy discussions about urine.


Kim has spoken openly in the past about her high-risk pregnancies, and in last night’s episode, you see the aftermath of a surgery she has to repair a hole in her uterus so her doctor can decide whether or not its safe for her to have another child. After the surgery, Kim rests in a recovery room that looks more like a very nice hotel room, and describes what happened to her in such detail it was surprising even for the most famous member of a family that makes their money off oversharing. We find out that there were “complications” to the surgery that resulted in her having to pee using a catheter, as she, Khloe, and her doctor peer at it/her vagina. “This is so gross,” Kim prefaces her explanation to the audience about how much pain she was in.

“It’s a legitimate pee bag,” Kim tells her close friend Jonathan Cheban after she’s returned home to rest there. Here’s his face while she’s describing the procedure.

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Later, we see her go to a urologist to get the “legitimate pee bag” removed (“I just want to get this over with, I just want to be able to pee,” she says with a tiny smile). “I honestly never thought I would be so grateful just to pee by myself,” Kim adds after it’s all taken care of, before telling a highly amusing anecdote about North accidentally opening her pee bag onto a carpet.

All that levity counterbalanced Kim finding out once and for all that it’s not safe for her to have more children, and she reveals that she’s reconsidering surrogacy. As we’ve seen this season in particular, KUWTK is always strongest when it doesn’t rely on faked up storylines, but instead provides a platform for how even the rich among us go through the most base of human struggles.


I don’t care what anyone says, I love Kim Kardashian. I have probably seen like 5 episodes of her show and much of what I know about her is from sites like these, but I really think she is hilarious and a cool person. She’s been around forever and honestly no one seems to ever have anything truly bad to say about her. No stories about her being shitty to people, abusive, rude to fans, nothing. The one time she actually decided to be mean, it was to defend her husband and frankly I thought it was amazing and well done (and also thank you Kim because the poor little white Taylor being picked on by mean scary black rapper Kanye storyline was not ok). She has been 100% supportive of Caitlyn which is a hell of a lot more than the majority of people would be if their father figure transitioned. She has been very vocal (and surprisingly introspective) and unapologetic in her support of BLM. And, I love how honest she is about her pregnancy issues.

I’ve said this before, but Kim reminds me of my favourite hairdresser- one of the sweetest people ever, but not very into intellectual subjects. So what. Who gives a shit? She’s a great lady and I love spending an afternoon with her chatting about stuff I otherwise would know nothing about (she loves the Housewives series). I suspect Kim is the same and that is cool with me. I love Kim and I don’t care what anyone says!