Last Chance to Do Like Denise and Dump Your Trump-Voting Boyfriend

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Last week, Lil Wayne met with Donald Trump for a photo opp to express his enthusiasm for a “president” who supports black people and criminal justice reform. Just kidding, it’s definitely because the rapper makes more than $400,000 a year, and because of that, he’s fucking terrified of minimal tax cuts under a Joe Biden presidency! Anyway, Weezy tweeted that he’s all about “the platinum plan [that] is going to give the community real ownership,” and no, it wasn’t a Halloween costume/prank. Obviously, it’s a bummer to see Lil Wayne care more about the well-being of his wallet than actual humans, or witness him obviously being used by King Bigot, but I digress, because one person noticed: his girlfriend, plus-size model Denise Bidot. She decided to take action, by (reportedly) dumping his ass. Inspiring! And it’s not too late for you to do the same!


According to HipHopDX, Wayne and Bidot confirmed their relationship in June, shortly after the rapper split with his reported fiancée La’tecia Thomas. Fans believe Bidot broke things off with Wayne immediately following his public support for Trump last week, because they both unfollowed each other on Instagram (for a while there, she was the only account he was following—now his counter is back to zero) and she posted a cryptic Instagram story, captured by an account called “Rarri & Co Media,” below. When I tried searching for it myself, it looks like she may have deleted or deactivated her Instagram account.

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Look, normally it would be gauche to celebrate other people’s breakups, or whatever, but in this case, Bidot is a brilliant, beautiful genius and everyone out there dating a POS Trump-voting jerk-hole should follow in her glamorous footsteps and send that person packing. This fall, the hottest trend is dumping your DT-supporting idiot lover... and voting Trump out of office on Election Day. There’s still time.

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Conservative students hosted an anti-BLM event on our campus last week that received local news coverage. One of my students spotted her boyfriend in attendance at the rally, and later told our class that she didn’t know he was a Trumper until then. (Ah, young love). She asked him about the laundry list of issues that matter to her, to see where he stood on them. “Clearly we disagreed on almost everything, and my time is too valuable to waste on someone who does not care about my humanity.” The only reason she brought up this very personal issue in class was in response to other students saying that they felt pressured to vote how their parents wanted them to (what??!!). So, overall an engaging and empowering conversation to witness 18-22 year olds’ heads start to explode.