Larry Summers Sleeps While Credit Scores Drop

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  • Renowned male supremacist Larry Summers just couldn't keep his eyes open during a meeting with credit card company executives and Barack Obama yesterday afternoon. Shit's boring! [ThinkProgress]
  • The purpose of the meeting, by the way, was to warn credit card companies to stop jacking up rates and adding unexpected fees to bills. But Larry Summers is rich, bitch, so what the fuck does he care? [LA Times]
  • Obama still has a 56% approval rating, despite the public fuck-ups of many of the people working for him. [Real Clear Politics]
  • He has, however, publicly rebuffed the idea of truth commissions for the Bushies, so that number might go down. [Washington Post]
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is providing him political cover by rejecting the idea, too. [Politico]
  • Liz Cheney has decided that the definition of torture doesn't include anything we would do to our own people. [ThinkProgress]
  • By the way, even Bush's FBI Director said that all that torture didn't stop a single terror plot. [Plum Line]
  • When even Meghan McCain thinks Cheney should shut up and go away, he should probably take it under consideration. [Time]
  • Sarah Palin's got a brand new legal defense fund to pay all her legal bills for the unethical shit she plans on continuing to do. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Randi Rhodes, the "left-wing" talk show host that called Hillary Clinton a "big fucking whore" last year, is getting another shot at a radio show. [Huffington Post]
  • Michael Steele is caving to right-wing pressure regarding Kathleen Sebelius' nomination and the fact that she's pro-choice. [Breitbart]
  • Michelle Obama did a kiddie press conference yesterday, and said Bo the dog likes to nibble toes. I didn't know Dick Morris was dead, let alone that he'd been reincarnated! [ABC News]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

The frustrating thing about trying to fix the economy is no matter how drastic the action taken, the economy reacts frustratingly slowly. What we're seeing at any given point in time is the summation of policy of bygone months and years, not a reflection of current approaches. HENCE, politicians/economists should not change their approach to anything based on public opinion, unless that public consists of people who understand what the fuck they're talking about (which they mostly do not). Trusting the public to know how to steer the economy is like trusting Paul Krugman to give me summer highlights and face-framing layers.