Larry Flynt Offers Richard Mourdock a $1 Million Dollar Reward if He Can Prove His Dumbass Rape Statement

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Hustler founder/rough lover of the First Amendment Larry Flynt is taking a page from Donald Trump’s book by offerring up a large sum of money to get someone to verify an obvious lie. While in Trump’s case, he himself is the perpetuator of this lie (that President Obama is not a natural born citizen), Flynt’s intentions are a little more — dare we say — pure?


Larry Flynt has taken out a full page ad in today’s Indianapolis Star to offer U.S. Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock a cool $1 million if he is able to prove his ridiculous statement that ”even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that God intended to happen.”

Flynt writes:

Please be kind enough to verify your claim for a wondering nation. I will accept for purposes of this reward any verifiable transcript of your personal conversations with God; letters, email, text messages or videos from God, or messages addressed to you from God transmitted by any third party, including the Republican National committee or the Romney/Ryan campaign.

I assume that you would not have made this statement unless you had been authorized by God. No one who believes in God would ever use the Almighty’s name in vain. That would be blasphemy.

Of course, Flynt is in no danger of losing a million dollars — there’s no way Mourdock can prove his statement on God-intended rape because it’s a statement that’s been pulled entirely from his ass.

Is there a difference between what Flynt is doing and what Trump is doing? Yes — Donald Trump is using his wealth to bully the President into releasing personal records that apparently will reveal his Kenyan birthplace (a baseless and racist theory that, try as they might, the birthers have yet to prove). And worse still, he is essentially holding a charity hostage to do it by saying that he’ll only give $5 million to an organization in need if the POTUS complies with his terms. Flynt, on the other hand, is using his money to point out the all-too-common idiocy of basing politics in religion, especially when it comes to policies that effect religious and non-religious people’s rights to their own bodies.

So basically, one of these guys is a gross, exploitative misogynist and the other is Larry Flynt.

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