Lansing Councilwoman Jody Washington Calls Out Mayor for Being a Dick

After the word "vagina" threw Michigan's Republican legislators into a maelstrom of squeamish, anatomical fury, you'd think male politicians in Lansing would be a little extra aware that it's not okay to be misogynist assholes. Apparently, however, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero didn't get the memo.


During a Monday council meeting, Bernero (a Democrat, for anyone keeping score), said that Councilwoman Jody Washington was "Eric Hewitt in drag." Hewitt, a one-term former councilmember, had what M Live describes as "an acrimonious relationship" with Bernero, a relationship that all but imploded during a heated council meeting exchange between the two men back in 2007.

When a reporter subsequently asked Bereno about referring to Washington as a man in drag, the good mayor flatly denied having said any such thing. Washington, however, heard him loud and clear and articulately expressed her resentment at Bernero's douchy insult. It's a shame that Washington has to point out how awful Bernero's behavior was, but at least she got a chance to tell the mayor exactly how not okay it is to disparage his female colleagues, no matter how weirdly obsessed he is with a former political adversary.


Michigan Misogyny: Not Just For Republicans Anymore! [Wonkette]

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