Lani Blair, the Lady Caught Creepin' With Tristan Thompson, Needs #NYCStripperStrike

The story that Tristan Thompson has apparently cheated on extremely pregnant Khloe Kardashian has rocked the nation, so steel yourselves for another bit of disconcerting news: it seems like the side chick might actually be employed in the very position that #NYCStripperStrike organized to fight back against. If it’s not one thing it’s another, amirite? whispers Kris Jenner to herself, softly, while counting her money.


Page Six alerts us to the fact that Lani Blair, the woman seen going to a New York hotel with Thompson over the weekend, is employed at the Queens club Angels NYC as a “strip club bartender,” which is to say she “bartends” and, according to Page Six, “dances” for money, but does not strip. In the estimation of the #NYCStripperStrike, this is an increasingly popular job in area strip clubs that siphons money from dancers and creates an unfair hierarchy that privileges the performers who are doing the least of any of the women employed—plus they don’t have to pay a stage fee just to work, which dancers normally do. In Jezebel’s initial reporting on Gizelle Marie, organizer of the #NYCStripperStrike, Angels was named as a strip club where dancers felt they had faced discriminatory practices. Page Six reports that Blair has worked there on weekends for three months.

And so, with this information, we must ask: Is Lani Blair a scab? I don’t know, but I’m glad that this extremely important celebrity gossip has provided us with a lens to focus on important union issues! Now everyone go and have a nice day!



Okay, but can we discuss how her ponytail is a butt plug?