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Langston Hughes Estate Rep Thinks Rachel Dolezal's Baby Name Makes Sense

Illustration for article titled Langston Hughes Estate Rep Thinks Rachel Dolezals Baby Name Makes Sense

Confused black person Rachel Dolezal had the brilliant audacity to name her baby boy Langston Attickus Dolezal, after the poet Langston Hughes. She has the approval of at least one representative of the Hughes estate.


Dolezal, whose son was born February 16, told Broadly of her baby name plans in December. “I’m naming him Langston because of Langston Hughes’ ‘Mother to Son’ poem,” she said. “Life hasn’t been easy for me at all, but I keep going. I’m still climbing, so don’t you sit down and stop. You keep going, and I want that to be a lesson for all my sons.”


As for “Attickus,” TMZ suggests it could be a dual reference to both Crispus Attucks and Atticus Finch, the white lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird.

The Hughes estate responded to TMZ:

Arnold Rampersad — executor of Hughes’ estate — tells TMZ the choice is more perfect than you’d think.

Rampersad says the Harlem Renaissance poet frequently wrote about sexual relations between different races, and understood the “pains of what used to be called a ‘voluntary Negro’” — a term for a white person who chooses to fight for black rights.

In that sense, it’s perfect. This blackened name, either way, helps the self-identified trans-racial 38-year-old further succeed in her lifelong treachery.

Dolezal has chosen to withhold the father’s identity for now.

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