Lana Del Rey was granted restraining orders against two Russian women who have allegedly stalked and threatened the singer, according to TMZ.

Del Rey says the two fans, named Nataliia Krinitsyna and Luliia Vladimirovna Pozdina, have followed her around and screamed at her in public, while also leaving letters in her mailbox containing threats of suicide and violence. Even after the singer changed residences, the two women found her home and “resumed sleeping outside her house and screaming her name in the middle of the night.” They have been ordered by a judge to stay 100 yards away from Del Rey.

The 30-year-old singer experienced a similar scary incident in early December when an obsessed fan was found hiding in her garage. 19-year-old Zachary Benton Self had traveled from Kansas and broke into Del Rey’s home while it was undergoing renovations. She was not at home at the time of the incident. Self was charged with felony counts for stalking and first-degree burglary.

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