Lana Del Rey Has Not Been Kidnapped, FYI

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A stalker with an unrealistic sense of how things will pan out was thwarted in his plan to kidnap Lana Del Rey at her concert on Friday, according to an Orlando police report. After casually referencing plans to “take off with Lana” throughout the week on social media, police apprehended him standing outside the Amway Center with a knife. He sounds unwell.


Dumps her friends. Commandeers her own wedding speech. Tramples royal protocol. Now Fox Entertainment reports that Lucifer in the flesh totally fucked up the royal family’s charity gala because her co-presenter paused awkwardly. And they add, by the way:

Markle has broken several traditional protocols as an American coming into the family, and presenting an award at the Endeavour was yet another tradition Markle bypassed. The honor is normally reserved for members of the royal family, which technically Markle is not - yet.





Halle Berry has severed ties with her former manager who has been accused by nine women of sexual abuse, using Berry’s success to position himself as a star-maker for women of color.


Diddy is a joy.

  • Harvey Levin is the only person who wants this. [TMZ’s “Good Genes or Good Docs?”]
  • Rumors that America’s Got Talent is thinking about asking Queen Latifah to replace Mel B, or “kick [Mel B] to the curb.” Lug her crusty old carpet bag back to one of the best-selling pop groups of all time. Poor Scary. [TMZ]
  • Leslie Jones is the only celebrity to acknowledge that sometimes life is a bummer. [Instagram]
  • Kim Cattrall’s brother has gone missing from his home in Alberta, Canada; details and photo on her Instagram. [Instagram]
  • We stopped looking for a few years and now the Jolie-Pitt kids are all grown up! [EW]

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