Ladymag Nixes Kim Cattrall Cover; Donatella Loves Naomi

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  • "I was asked recently by a significant magazine for women over 40 to pose with a cougar, and I refused to do it because I felt it was insulting. They took away the cover." Cattrall finds the term sexist. [Extra]
  • Dita von Teese is now on cans of Perrier. [TLF]
  • Donatella Versace, on a young Naomi Campbell's backstage behavior: "On the eve of the show she would turn to me showing an outfit on a hanger and ask: 'Who is wearing this?…I want that one!' And actually any dress on her looked brilliant and perfect, so I would tell her, 'Yes, keep it for the show, it's yours!' The morning after I remember Gianni would come to me asking if all those looks were originally for Naomi. I would always say, 'Sure, why?' And Gianni used to reply, 'Well, I was right to give it to Naomi! She looks gorgeous!' The only problem after that was that I had to face the anger of the other girls who were left with fewer looks." [TDB]
  • Dov Charney is downplaying the implications of American Apparel's dismal quarterly results: a 10% fall in year-on-year same-store sales, a growing $17.6 million loss, a stock price that fell 41% to a near-historic low, a de-listing warning from the New York Stock Exchange, and the possibility that it won't be able to make key payments on its $100 million mountain of debt. "It's so silly — we're a flourishing, growing company," says the company founder. "Our company in the past has been through these types of issues before, and it's never presented us with any particular difficulties in running our business." Okay then. [LATimes]
  • Cathy Horyn, on Michelle Obama's state dinner dress, by Peter Soronen: "This time people seemed startled by her full-on glamour. Reaction on blogs has been generally enthusiastic, though someone on the Huffington Post referred to her look as "Lady Gaga Alejandro Style." Not sure what that means, exactly. Lady Gaga is like a sticker that be applied to anything the least bit sparkly or bouffant." [On The Runway]
  • A leaked still from the "Alejandro" video, directed by Steven Klein, strongly recalls Klein's shoot with Lady Gaga for the August, 2009, issue of W. Rumors point to the inclusion of Lara Stone, the model from the shoot, although she's not pictured in the still. Fashionista notes: "We wouldn't be opposed to a Steven Klein's Greatest Hits theme at all; we just didn't think Lady Gaga would be the one to do it. Though 'Telephone' was a Tarantino right down to the Pussy Wagon. Maybe Gaga's new mantra is celebrating the artistic vision of others?" [Fashionista]
  • Karl Lagerfeld says Georgia May Jagger is his new Chanel muse. [Vogue UK]
  • This year, after mediocre performances from celebrity hosts like Tracey Ullman and Jeremy Piven, the Council of Fashion Designers of America opted to go host-free for its awards gala next month. Start working on your speeches now, designers. [WWD]
  • One year when he was interning for Vogue under the late, great Diana Vreeland, André Leon Talley had to spend Christmas away from home for the first time. He went over to a friend's vacated apartment, and moped around eating the only thing he could find — a can of Hershey's chocolate syrup — when he got a hilarious phonecall from his grandmother. "I'm sending your father right now," she said. Talley says he replied, "I'm fine. Mrs. Vreeland said I can't go home." His grandmother shot back: "No no no, your father is coming in the car, overnight. You're coming home...I want you home because I know exactly what you're doing." He said, "What is that?" "You're sleeping with a white woman!"[Racked]
  • Pearl Lowe, designer, musician, and mother to model Daisy Lowe, has suffered a miscarriage. She was to give birth to her fifth child in the fall, and last month said she and husband Danny Goffey were "over the moon." [Telegraph]
  • A Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition photographer is apparently working on a book of supermodels' asses. Working title: Culo. Stay classy, SI. [P6]
  • Tory Burch has big plans for summer. "I'm taking the boys to climb Machu Picchu. It will be a first for all of us!" [DFR]
  • Attention, citizens of the greater New York area: Costello Tagliapietra's very cute, summer, 14-piece collection for Uniqlo — priced at $29.50-$39.50 — goes on sale today. Yay! [Stylelist]
  • "We approached it as problem solving: how to come up with an untricky way of doing dresses," says Tagliapietra. [NYTimes]
  • Lubov Azria, wife and business partner of Max, says the company they run is not for sale. [WWD]
  • Karolina Kurkova has been working out with Tracy AndersonMadonna's jettisoned trainer. You'd work out too if every time you didn't people wrote shit like this. It's funny, the McDean photograph really brings out how much Kurkova looks like Raquel Zimmerman. [W]
  • Lots of designers, including Helmut Lang, Zac Posen, and Valentino, are using inket printers and software to create digital prints. Like those watercolor-inspired prints that are everywhere lately. [WSJ]
  • A British sporting goods chain is still stocking padded bras in size 28AA, which the Sun says is small enough to fit 7-8 year olds. "Children will have a sex life if they're encouraged to dress that way," said a 25-year-old mother of two. [Sun]
  • Kate Moss, the Gleek. The supermodel is reportedly "obsessed" with Glee. She thinks Puck is the hottest character. [Grazia]
  • Jones Apparel Group, which recently acquired Stuart Weitzman, is entering the men's denim market. [WSJ]
  • Target's first-quarter profits are up nearly 30%, partly on the back off strong apparel sales. [WWD]
  • At Sears, however, profits for the same period fell 38.5%. [WWD]
  • Versace has a mobile phone, called the Versace Unique. Unique, just like Prada, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana. [SB]
  • Chris Benz is now an advice columnist. [Fashionista]
  • Here are some pictures of Mischa Barton modeling wedding dresses in Spain. [Vogue UK]



So somewhat unrelatedly, does anyone understand what "Alejandro" is actually about? I like the song, but the lyrics make not a whit of sense to me.