Have you been hydrating today? Drink a lot of water and feeling like you have to go pee? Well, why not just pop into the bathroom for a sec and get some relief. OH, WAIT. NEVER MIND. YOU CAN'T BECAUSE THE BATHROOM IS FULL OF GIANT SNAKES.

If you think I'm exaggerating (I am), just ask Veronica Rodriguez, a woman from College Station, Texas who recently walked into her bathroom only to discover a 12-foot python attempting to slither into her tub.

The snake likely snuck into the house while Rodriguez was in her backyard tending to her daughter's pet guinea pigs โ€” or, as they're known in the snake world, the amuse bouche.

After a few moments outside, Rodriguez reentered her home though the back door that she had left ajar. About three hours later, at around 9pm, she began hearing the sound of something moving and knocking things over in her home. After a quick investigation, she discovered the snake and called the police.


"When the officer showed up, he came with a brown paper sack," she told The Eagle. "I told him, 'you're going to need a bigger sack than that.'"

After calling in backup, the officer was able to capture the snake in large garbage can where it sat until animal control was able to come pick it up the next morning. The snake has since been returned to its owner (and the guinea pigs are also fine).


See, people?! This is what happens when you irresponsibly play the game of JUMANJI.

Image via The Eagle.