Lady-Libido Drug Has Horrible Name, Fails Clinical Trials

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A medicinal gel that promised to be a sort of Lady Viagra for post-menopausal women has failed to arouse test subjects in two clinical trials. Probably because its manufacturers named it the cringe-inducing "LibiGel" and even reading that made my clitoris retract.


Bloomberg reports that LibiGel's manufacturer BioSante had hoped to market the drug by next year. It was supposed to help women who were past menopause regain some of the old sexual spark that Father Time had stolen from them and promote what BioSante calls "satisfying sexual event(s)." Unfortunately for the hopeful and the postmenopausal, the topical solution of testosterone didn't increase baseline arousal or the number of sexually satisfying events in a group given the gel over a placebo, although, on the plus side, it looks like it won't give you cancer.

The drug's manufacturer promises to continue to try to develop the drug to treat what they're calling "Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder," or HSDD.

Developing a drug that successfully enhances female horniness has been difficult for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Last year, a drug that purported to be "female Viagra" was rejected by the FDA on the grounds that its risks outweighed its benefits. In 2004, Pfizer tried to fast track approval of a patch designed to treat Female Sexual Dysfunction, but their appeal was also rejected. Some critics say that the psychological element of women's sexual arousal can't be induced by a drug, but companies are undaunted by what would surely be a cash cow if approved and marketed successfully.

Perhaps drugmakers are barking up the wrong tree and women don't need a gel or medicine to enhance their arousal. Perhaps women with HSDD would be better served by a prescription-strength picture of Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba on the bedroom ceiling. Or, young Paul Newman. Or old Paul Newman.

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