Lady Had Sex With Terry Richardson, Liked It

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You know how lots of people have accused photographer Terry Richardson of sexually harassing them? Well, one lady had consensual sex with him. He was nice. He liked her butt. Here is her story.

Writing on the newly launched XOJane, Caroline Marguerite explains that she first fell for Richardson at age 15, when she saw a photograph of him fucking a sheep. Many years later, she met him at a party. She was mad at her boyfriend, who does sound like a loser, so she went to Richardson's hotel and had sex with him. She describes the encounter thus:

The curtains remained open as we did the things that sheep like to do. I coyly apologized for my bountiful rear (much shapelier than Kate Moss's), but he seemed to like it very well. He pulled my hind quarters close to his crotch, lavishing praise upon my abundant rump, his face contorted in wild animal ecstasy. Naked, on all fours, with Terry Richardson gripping my haunches, I surveyed the magnificent views from the window, the twinkling lights and the palm trees in silhouette, and fell in love with Los Angeles all over again. I remembered my 15-year-old self and tried to imagine what she would have thought if she had known about this moment. She would have thought it was awesome.


Everyone involved with this story seems to have had a good time, except for me, because I had to read about Terry Richardson lavishing praise on some lady's rump while she thought about sheep sex. Marguerite doesn't present her story as a sweeping defense of Richardson's character — it's really just a tale of how she fulfilled an adolescent fantasy and started to turn her life around. That said, it's worth remembering that just because one woman eagerly fucked Terry Richardson doesn't mean that his advances are always welcome, or that the many harassment allegations against him are false. It doesn't mean much of anything, really. Marguerite notes in her XOJane bio that she would like to make out with Kate Middleton, Carl Sagan, and Jesus Christ, among others. Had her story been about any of them, it would have been a lot more interesting.

It Happened To Me: I Slept With Terry Richardson [XOJane]

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Um, *gulp*

I'm sorry.......but is fucking farm animals sexy now?