Lady Gaga's Oreos Are the Cookie Equivalent of a Corporate Rave

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I liked Lady Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica, well enough. As a transexual, I am obliged to say these things in public, since the terms of my relationship with Mother Monster are outlined quite clearly in my contract. But I’m also not a liar, and while there are high points to her trumpeted return to dance pop, the album was also more of the same. And the same is fine! It was almost like she dressed up an Oreo cookie in pink and green, while underneath, it was just the same Oreo.


Oh, she also did that literally, too.

Lady Gaga announced this morning that she and Oreo will release a series of “Chromatica inspired cookie embossments,” that will feature images from the album—including a cookie artist’s rendition of the symbol on the cover—and literally just the word “Chromatica.” Per the accompanying press release, the cookies will not feature a special flavor. They are just Golden Oreos dressed up in Mother Monster’s finest regalia. That’s fine, I guess!

I do like, however, that Gaga’s cookies are receiving the “sneaker drop” treatment, regardless if they are a clever disguise on a time-worn flavor combination. But again, that was also the ethos of Chromatica. Pop dressed up as revolutionary punk.

At the very least, I kind of want Oreos now?


"Not a real" DrDonna

Are we as trans people required to be fans of Lady Gaga? I mean, she’s had a couple good ones (mostly more than a decade old at this point), but I think when it comes to modren gay pop, I’m much more likely to be listening to Mika or The Presets or, I dunno, of Montreal.