Lady Gaga's Award Show Routine Involved Exposing Blue Pubic Hair

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At the MuchMusic Video Awards, which aired last night, Lady Gaga sang "Born This Way" while wearing faux fur patches in her armpits and on her crotch — so that it appeared as if she had blue hairy pits and blue pubes.

Jason Hughes of TV Replay has some questions about Gaga's hirsuteness:

While we seriously doubt Gaga was born that way, the message would seem to be a statement about the beauty of a woman's natural body. So is Gaga supporting a more natural, unshaven look in all areas of a woman's body, or is she just again trying to shock people in whatever new and outlandish ways she and her people can come up with?


Eh, some from column A, some from column B, no? She's definitely interested in defying what we've come to expect from a pop star. Female singers in the Top 40 usually go out of their way to be as traditionally sexy, pretty and perfect as possible. Their trappings are the things associated with ideal femininity: Long hair, high heels, clear skin, symmetrical face, skirts and dresses. Gaga deliberately deforms her face with prosthetic bones, and while she does wear heels, they are more of the Frankenstein's monster/McQueen lobster claw variety, not designed for sex appeal. And since modern ladies are supposed to be hairless of pit and pube, a pop star would never, ever show up on stage with pit hair. So Gaga's spitting in the face of convention, sure. Only: Wouldn't the statement have been more effective if the pit hair had been real?

Lady Gaga's Blue Pubic Hair at 'MuchMusic Video Awards,' List of Winners (VIDEO) [TV Replay]

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How is this shocking or new? Pubic hair dyes have been around for years and years. I was with a girl for a while who would turn her pubes into a red heart for Valentine's Day and a green Shamrock for St. Patrick's Day.