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Lady Gaga Solves the Maria Problem with Stunning Sound of Music Medley

The music performances at tonight's Oscars have run the gamut from underwhelming (Rita Ora) to frenetic ("Everything Is Awesome") to moving and gorgeous ("Glory"). And now, thanks to Lady Gaga's beautiful Sound of Music medley, we add gut-wrenchingly nostalgic and beautiful to the list.


The good news is that Lady Gaga killed it. The GREAT news is that she got the approval of the luminous Julie Andrews. (The bad is that NBC really fucked up by not having Gaga play Maria in last year's Sound of Music Live!)

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OMG, Gaga sang like she was channeling Julie Andrews and Julie Andrews was RIGHT THERE? I knew she was raising her game with Tony Bennett - she should never go back to her old shenanigans.